A/B testing to boost your Etsy sales

As an Etsy seller you’ll often be asking yourself, how do I get more Etsy sales? Keeping your listing description and tags up to date and relevant is key to being found when a customer searches for products like yours.
But how do you know if you’ve got the right words/phrases and if the changes you made had any effect?

You could manually change all of your listings every few weeks, keep a spreadsheet of view counts and keep iterating until your sales are booming.

But who’s got time for that?

Ain't nobody got time for that meme

Stappy’s A/B testing feature takes all the pain away from updating your listings and can automatically keep the best performing changes.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing, otherwise known as ‘split testing’ is a process of having 2 variants of something, in this case a listing, and comparing their performance to determine which was better.

Stappy’s implementation of A/B tests allows you to capture the performance of a listing over 7 days, update its description and/or tags automatically then capture the performance of the updated listing.

After the test is complete the results are compared and best performing listing is kept active.

Create a new A/B test

Setting up a new A/B test for a listing is easy, start by going to the ‘Tasks’ section of Stappy and switching over to the ‘A/B Tests’ section.

A/B test screen showing a completed test with updated Etsy listing tags

Tap the ‘Add new A/B test’ button to start configuring your test.

Select the listing you wish to update, only Active listings can be selected. Once you’ve chosen a listing you’ll then be able to update its tags or description.

screenshot of setting up an Etsy Listing A/B test. User wants to keep the best performing tags

Stappy allows you to update both the tags and description of a listing at the same time though you may wish to only change one initially if you want to get an understanding of how a specific keyword tag or description change affected your view count.

Once you’ve made your changes to the listing’s tags and description you can compare the original and new variant before selecting the completion action.

Screenshot of Stappy, an app for Etsy Sellers, showing how the tags and description compare

You can choose from 3 completions actions:

  • Keep best performing – the default and our recommended action. At the end of the A/B test Stappy analyses the listing results and keeps the variant which performed best.
  • Keep changes – At the end of the test the changes to the listing are left in place, even if the original performed better.
  • Revert to original – The listing description and tags will be returned to what they were originally, even if the changed listing performed better.

In all cases you will be able to see the performance of the original listing and its variant across the test period.

If you’re happy with your changes tap the ‘Start A/B Test’ button to begin!

How long does it take?

An A/B test runs for 16 days, you can track progress in the Tasks section of Stappy. Tapping on a test in progress will show you the current status and a graph of the listing’s performance.

Stappy - an app for Esty sellers - showing the result of a completed A/B test

If you’ve just created an A/B test then don’t worry, it takes a couple of days to get the baseline view count and start capturing performance, the graph won’t update until day 3 when it records the original listings initial views.

A/B testing is a great way to boost your Etsy listing performance and drive new sales, try it out in Stappy today!

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